• You must be 18+ with a government issued photo ID.

  • For those under the age of 18, we require the presence of your legal parent/guardian with their ID. You must provide a copy of your birth certificate. 

  • Photo ID is required, NO EXCEPTIONS.  Acceptable forms of ID include a passport, driver’s license, or state-issued ID card. Please call with additional questions regarding acceptable forms of ID.

  • Waivers must be read thoroughly and signed prior to your appointment.

  • If you are under the weather, visibly impaired, belligerent, or otherwise being a jerk, we reserve the right to deny you services any time.

  • We do not require appointments for piercings though if you prefer to set a time you are welcome to call ahead. Piercings are done primarily on a walk in basis. 



We use nothing but the best US made IMPLANT grade materials. For piercings that require barbells/circular barbells etc, everything that we pierce with is internally threaded, and gems are guaranteed not to fall out of the settings. Our piercing staff is THE most experienced and skilled in New England, using the safest and most aseptic techniques, to give you the best piercing experience possible.